Ration half rat.
Acorn fed ham18 €
Assorted Liberian products14 €
Aged cheese10 €
Anchoivies with tomato3 € each
Octopus leg18 €
Fresh foie Pedro Ximenez reduction12 €
Home croquettes1,25 € e
Grill vegetable10 €
Small cuttlefish10 €
Andalusina squids 11 €
Broad beans with foie and ham14 €
Baby eels with fried potatoes and eggs10 €
Fried potatoes with iberian ham11 €
Artichoke El Olivo style10 €
Red Shrimps in garlic oil (5 pieces)14 €
Artichoke with iberian ham14 €
Artichoke with foie and iberian ham16 €
Shellfish soup8 €
Home peppers stuffed with spinach and prawns4 € each
Scrambled eggs El Olivo (with mushrooms)10 €
                                House specialties
V.A.T. not included